Amazon The Phenomenon

So yeah, I like to rhyme sometimes… especially when it’s about something I really, really like.

The other night during one of my super fun, ladies getting together to do smarty pants things, while drinking champagne nights… oh come on, you don’t have those? Well ya should…

Anyways, it was during one of those nights that one of my besties noticed the amazingly comfortable dress I was wearing. When I told her it was from Amazon, she was shocked, and excited- especially after revealing it set me back a whole $25 bucks.

This was not the first time I had been complimented on an Amazon find. At my one of my other besties wedding I was allowed to wear this full sequin purple gown (yes the bride is freakin awesome I know) and everyone LOVED IT. The cost? $63 shipped and it fit like a glove.

So, I decided I should share some of my favorite Amazon finds with you all, hence this post. Here we go!


Verdusa Woman’s Boho One Off Shoulder Caftan Sleeve Harem Maxi Dress $24.99

Well that was a mouth full right? There are like 100 different versions of this, but this is the one I ordered so I can attest to its quality and fit. This fits true to size, and the material is a nice heavyweight, stretchy, cozy jersey that still feels cool on the skin. It doesn’t really fall off the shoulder that well, but it will with some messing with. So cute, and soooo comfortable. A summer go to for sure.  Also comes in a ton of other colors.


Dezzal Woman’s Floral Embroidered Tulle Prom Maxi Dress With Cami Dress $79.56

This is so stunning. It runs very small so pay attention to the size chart found in the photos section NOT the generic Amazon chart- do this for everything on Amazon and read reviews! I’ve had amazing luck with sizing just from reviews alone! The embroidery on this is real, not printed on. The nude slip dress under in not attached so can be used with other items in your closet. I’m so excited to wear this thing!


MakeMeChic Woman’s Long Sleeve Casual Loose Pocket Maxi Long Party Dress $24.99

This is the dress I wore to my champagne business meeting! So comfortable and it has pockets. This runs true to size and is meant to be loose around the body and tighter in the arms. Material is nice and thick, yet silky…did I mention the pockets??


Aiyana Gold Mermaid V-Neck Backless Long Bridesmaid Dresses Wedding Party Gown $62.99

This is the amazing sequin dress I wore to the wedding, but in black- which I am totally going to pick up for other events because I love my purple one so much! This fits true to size- take a look at the reviews for more pictures- just stunning!!!

I highly recommend Amazon Prime with free 2-day shipping and FREE RETURNS. Free returns always takes away the scary “will this even look normal or will I look like an actual baked potato?” feeling away for me. So go on! Try it!



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