Darn it Target!

Like I needed ONE MORE REASON to absolutely adore Target.

I am already a HUGE fan of their home furnishings, clothing, and pretty much everything I pass while shopping for paper towels… because I know that leaving Target with only the one thing on my list is about as possible for me as running a whole mile and NOT dying.

And let’s talk about Posh Spice for a moment. She had style then, and she has major style now… and I want some. With her high-end line being well, high-end, I am super excited about Target’s collaboration with Victoria Beckham. I have always been one to appreciate modern and minimalist design of all kinds- and I am in major love with so many of these pieces. SO let me point out just 5 that make me as happy as a soft serve twist ice cream cone with sprinkles on the side. I know…genius.

1… I’m loving the Wednesday Addams meets Alice in Wonderland vibe of this dress. Look a little closer and you can see the tiny bunnies embroidered on the collar, because why not go down the rabbit hole when you look this adorable?


2…Gingham is HOT right now. Always a fan of head to toe color or print- I say go big or go home. Skip the cutesy accessories with this look and opt for black mules and messy hair to keep yourself looking more chic, and less Raggedy Anne.


3…Those sleeves though! This unusual shaped sleeve is a nice break from the cold shoulders we have been seeing everywhere for over a year now…


4… Look familiar? That’s because it’s my #1 on this list of adorableness. Thank you Victoria for proving that I am not the only mother who just loves a little mommy and me matchy matchy from time to time. So what if my kid is barely 2? I need this… and so does she.


5… Last but not least, check out this super sweet knit bunny set. The ears, the tail… and did I mention on comes in baby sizes also? Easter never looked so cozy and cute!


Check out Target.com to see the full line of Victoria Beckham for Target awesomeness launching April 9th.


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