Next House

Next house babe.

I’ve been saying this alot lately. Especially since coming to the realization that we can’t move for at least two more years- boo.

Let me back up. Our house is amazing. It’s a 1920’s craftsman set in the most beautiful neighborhood in my city. Close to everything, yet quiet and perfect for walks. It’s even full of straight up amazing people, who are pretty much the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life. I mean- we haven’t owned a snowblower in the 4 years we have lived here, yet every single winter morning our sidewalk is totally cleared…Magic? No. Like I said, the BEST people ever.

After having our daughter, we decided we really wanted her go to a better school district. So now, what I thought was our “forever home” was now our “for right now home”. And to add to my sadness, now  I am not allowed to change the paint color anymore (even for maybe the 4th time, but who’s counting really?).

So when I see something and say “next house”, I make a mental note about how much I love it and move on…well no, not really… Which is why I am writing this very post to remind myself when I’m out of paint jail.

Now, Sherwin-Williams makes some kick ass colors. Let’s just get that out of the way. And sometimes, you want some mood… you know… like the kinda mood that makes you want to have fancy people over, so you can serve your fancy wine, while listening to the the fancy Classical Dinner Party station on Pandora. That kinda mood.

Well hello Deep Forest Brown! I have never wanted to take a hike so badly in my life… or maybe just eat some dark chocolate instead?

Makes my moodiness seem downright elegant if you ask me! Next house? I think yes!




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