Making The Cut

With vintage styling being a totally acceptable statement this year, I am on the hunt for old, yet new pieces to add to my shoe collection. As a mom, I can handle up to a 3.5 inch heel for everyday wear (and by everyday I mean the days I decide to actually leave my house…as I write this in my pajamas…) When I do go out with my girls- and I do, my girls and wine- I stick to at most a 4 inch heel before I start looking like I’m attempting to walk around during an earthquake. One that only I can actually feel. Not cute.

After taking a look at many versions of the standard V cut pump- I decided I wanted a few things. I wanted some kind of pump, with a heel, that I could wear with pretty much everything I own…jumpsuits to jeans. I didn’t want a super thin stiletto heel; instead, I wanted something a little more true to the vintage version they are inspired by. Meaning, I wanted a slightly thicker, tapered heel.

In comes the JUICY V-cut Mule from TopShop. Metallic leather, V-cut, tapered heel, and a mule? What more could a girl ask for? Did I mention they are leather- well at $100 I expected that, this being one of the more expensive pairs of shoes I have bought in quite some time. But just look at them…


Vintage meets modern and I’m in love.

Soon after scoring these beauties, I found an equally delish pair from one of my favorite shops, ASOS. At only $38, these are a BARGAIN for those wanting to try the trend without spending too much cash. In silver, these babies will match everything in your wardrobe, and the classic cut make them a truly timeless choice! I plan on picking these up for sure.



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