Clearly Unclear

I have a friend who hates her knees.

Now when I say hate, I mean she hates them enough to cover them at all costs, no matter the season or occasion. So naturally when I saw these MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans from TopShop, I just had to share them with her. She’s not a fan, and it seems others share in her dislike for these, while others love the futuristic take on this seasons IT jean.


So let’s talk.

I love the mom jean trend- not only does it foster my long time love for a muffin top taming higher rise, but it also gives my legs a break from the super skinny jeans which have been around for far too long. It’s nice NOT to feel like a string wrapped ham for the first time in decades.

Always excited to see a new take on vintage trends- I was excited to see these, if not only to celebrate the creativity of some less expensive lines. I am NOT saying these are cheap- at $95 they are pricier than my American Eagle version (which I love). BUT they are different and unique, so I guess you are paying for that.

For a laugh, go ahead and read some of the reviews of these stunners. The comments really brought to my attention that, although they may be edgy, they are less practical than even my most ridiculous heels- which I only wear if I know I will be perched on a bar stool for most of the night. With the knee caps on most women not necessarily the area you want to call attention to, these sure do just that. Add the chance of the greenhouse effect, causing foggy windows with no wipers included, and it could become a very sticky situation….literally.

But alas, not known for having “sweaty knees”, if I could, I would give these a try…you know…if they went on some kind of super sale… because you can always make some cute cut offs if flooding occurs. So my recommendation? Stay safe folks!



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