A Sneaker Story

A dedicated heels girl, this is the year I decided I would mix things up. With a lightning fast toddler always just out of my grasp, I knew chasing her in 4 inch stilettos was out of the question. So… with athleisure being HOT for 2017, I just had to try the look for myself.

Notice I said the look

I myself count going up and down the stairs for diaper changes 8 plus times a day as a vigorous workout. Not to mention holding a 30 pound wiggling weight on my hip for most of the day. So what if these sneakers I am wearing never see the outside this house…

It all started with a need for a chic take on the athletic shoe, the sneaker.

I used to buy the most colorful trainer available- in hopes the candy colored shoes would add a slight spring in my step and pump me up enough to make it out the door for at least a walk. But let’s be real- they didn’t really match a dang thing and I wasn’t fooling anyone into thinking I was sponsored by Lisa Frank in some kind of marathon.

So after some inevitable Pintresting (which I only started to do this year due to my addictive nature, and yes, now I need therapy),  I found the perfect starter sneaker for those looking for a slightly less athletic, athletic look…the black sneaker.

I found these to be my favorites for a few reasons. First, they are ultra comfortable and lightweight. Next, they look awesome with everything from black leggings (which I know you already own) to floral dresses (just try it). These are the Nike Tanjun and can be found almost everywhere for around $60.


Next on my sneaker journey was the need for a white shoe, and when I say white I mean all white. No black sole, no colorful logos, just WHITE. An essential piece to play down your more ladylike styles and add an edge to your work attire- try these with your girly  gingham dresses or sweater dresses for an instant downtown vibe. I chose these Nike Court Borough sneaks because they added just a touch of the street style I was looking for- they also come in a high top…which is equally as FAB and priced right at around $65.



Feeling downright giddy about the sneaker collection I was growing, I found a need for that pop of color- you know, the ones you want people to really notice. This brings me to these red beauties. I first stumbled upon these stunners while browsing one of my favorite sites- ASOS. With the perfect mix of 90’s styling and a modern edge, I’m excited to try these with with all black. These run between $70-$90 so always shop around!


Check back for updates on styling with sneakers!



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