The Next House

11 Months. I’ve been hibernating longer than any normal person should. I’m kidding. There is no way I was sleeping that whole time with a fire haired toddler running amok. Did you miss me? Good. Me too. So, let’s get right down to then shall we? In the past 11 months, I’ve changed jobs, planned... Continue Reading →


Amazon The Phenomenon

So yeah, I like to rhyme sometimes... especially when it's about something I really, really like. The other night during one of my super fun, ladies getting together to do smarty pants things, while drinking champagne nights... oh come on, you don't have those? Well ya should... Anyways, it was during one of those nights... Continue Reading →

Darn it Target!

Like I needed ONE MORE REASON to absolutely adore Target. I am already a HUGE fan of their home furnishings, clothing, and pretty much everything I pass while shopping for paper towels... because I know that leaving Target with only the one thing on my list is about as possible for me as running a whole... Continue Reading →


Next House

Next house babe. I've been saying this alot lately. Especially since coming to the realization that we can't move for at least two more years- boo. Let me back up. Our house is amazing. It's a 1920's craftsman set in the most beautiful neighborhood in my city. Close to everything, yet quiet and perfect for walks.... Continue Reading →


Clearly Unclear

I have a friend who hates her knees. Now when I say hate, I mean she hates them enough to cover them at all costs, no matter the season or occasion. So naturally when I saw these MOTO Clear Panel Mom Jeans from TopShop, I just had to share them with her. She's not a... Continue Reading →


Making The Cut

With vintage styling being a totally acceptable statement this year, I am on the hunt for old, yet new pieces to add to my shoe collection. As a mom, I can handle up to a 3.5 inch heel for everyday wear (and by everyday I mean the days I decide to actually leave my I... Continue Reading →


A Sneaker Story

A dedicated heels girl, this is the year I decided I would mix things up. With a lightning fast toddler always just out of my grasp, I knew chasing her in 4 inch stilettos was out of the question. So... with athleisure being HOT for 2017, I just had to try the look for myself. Notice... Continue Reading →


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